A positive news story from the brilliant hard-working Ugandan Wildlife Authority/Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) vet team in Murchison, helping to conserve Critically Endangered Nubian Giraffe. In March they successfully removed snares from 12 injured animals, 9 of which were giraffe.

So far, the team has saved 193 critically endangered Nubian giraffe! Well done, team! That's pretty much 10% of all giraffe in the Park.

We supported the work of GCF in Uganda back in 2019 and met Dr Ferguson and the team in the field (remember...when travel was a thing?). We went out for the day with them on patrol and they showed us what they did and described some of the snare injuries they deal with. They are an amazing team.

Delighted to be supporting the work of GCF again this year through #21For21.

This time in Niger - we're hoping to fund at least one GPS satellite unit and its fitting and ranger monitoring for West African Giraffe.

Its lucky that Giraffe are tall, the grass in the Park is high:

But its worth the effort:

The GCF Anti-snare team in Murchison Falls NP with Explorers Against Extinction:

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