Zebra by Sophie Green

Acrylic on linen canvas

45 cm x 61 cm

There are three species of zebra - plains (Near Threatened), mountain (Vulnerable) and Grevy's (Endangered). 

Sophie Green is an award-winning conservation & wildlife artist from the UK, who specialises in capturing the photorealistic details of animals and their surroundings. She has dedicated her time and artistic work to raising awareness for issues surrounding animal welfare and the environment.

Cut-Bank by Michael Dumas

Oil on mounted canvas

35 cm x 30 cm

Texas Ocelot - there are estimated to be fewer than 100 ocelot left in the US largely due to historic hunting, trapping, poisoning and habitat loss. As a result, the subspecies that inhabits Texas and northeastern Mexico (Leopardus pardalis albescens) is federally endangered. Conservation groups maintain willdife corridors between Texas and Mexico and work to eradicate hunting/trapping and poisoning.

Michael's art is characterized by masterful drawing, and an unusual sensitivity to the subtleties of detail, form, colour, and composition. Wildlife Art magazine founder, Robert J. Koenke acknowledges both the uniqueness and international recognition of Dumas' art when he says, ' I can recognize a Michael Dumas work from across a room, or pick it out from among a crowd of other artists. His art is invariably stimulating as well as interesting. Even his drawings are masterpieces. His style is unique, and through it he has made his mark in the art world. This is something every artist must work toward in their career if they are to attain greatness.

Leopard by Emma Swift

Oil on canvas

74 x 39 cm 

Leopard - listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List

Emma is an award-winning wildlife artist working predominantly in oils. Combining vivid colours with bold brush strokes, alongside more intricate detail, she brings her passion for animals and birds to life. Wildlife is inextricably linked to its environment and other species, so she uses colour to bring the subject and background together, reminding us how everything should be interconnected. Inspired by the natural world and the charities who strive to protect it, she is motivated to support vital conservation projects through the sales of her work. Emma travelled to Kenya earlier this year, a trip that inspired this piece.

Red Panda by Rogue One

Spraypaint on canvas

120cm x 80cm

Red Panda - listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List

Rogue One is a graffiti artist from Glasgow and is one of the most renowned street artists in Europe. He has been mastering the art of spraypainting for nearly 20 years. His work ranges from stencils, characters, 3D, and canvases to large scale productions. Also working in oils and acrylics and graphic design. His work decorates Heathrow airport and other International locations.

Violet Light & Sketchbook W23 C/Seascape by Rachel Arif

Oil on Paper

20 cm x 20 cm & 19 cm x 16 cm

Abstract landscape artist Rachel Arif spends much of her life travelling the UK to uncover inspiration from the country’s rich scenery. Immersing herself fully into these environments, sometimes for a number of hours at a time, she then applies paint to canvas quickly and energetically to create highly textured, atmospheric and weather-filled works, which captivate viewers and draw them in.Rachel has gallery representation across the UK, including the prestigious Mall Galleries in London. Her work remains in high demand and has most recently been showcased at the Royal Society of British Artists’ annual exhibition.

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